About us

I'm Pirro Giordano,
I start in 1979 to work as owner of garage, where i have repaired commercial vehicle , and marginally i have executed service for forklift truck.

Not many years have passed and service for commercial vehicle and automobiles requie specialized knowledge and automobile brands start to personalize their parts. Autorized workshop have to started and i do reflect if to continue to the forklift truck market or in automobile market.

I got have just contact whit previus dealer Cat Lift Trucks and i became their sub dealer for Macerata country.

When I start this coperation, there was good expectations, then years have passed and all we know what occured with reference to the economic situation, but i want to declare that taking obligation, steadily work, is possible to reach the objectives . Everyday i want to teach to joung people to engage theirselves to work more hours, but what they do will do perfect. This is what i understand, and may be also other people understand; today i can say that i'm the owner of a workshop equipe for service for forklift and a good quality of knowledge of product i sell.

I'm dealer Cat Lift Trucks for Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Fermo, and i offer service with equipe van and truck for shipment.

I'm glad to represent a good quality product as Cat Lift Trucks that it's the dimonstration of strong and reliability product.

Cat Lift Trucks product is a capital for the owner and make satisfation for workers.